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Everything You Need to Know on Why You Need A Social Media Manager for Your Business.

You’ve probably come across the term social media before? or hiring a social media manager? and maybe thought giving it a pass over your business? Well, my friend, there is no easy way to tell you are wrong and that social media plays a crucial role to boost your business.🙄

Every business needs to have a social media presence active. Just like everyone is online browsing the internet, the vast majority of your potential customers are on social networks. Companies and Brands must go where their current consumers and potential customers are if they want to stay in business.

Who is a Social Media Manager?

A social media manager is passionately responsible for your brand’s social media activities that include social media planning, automation, advertising, content creation, publishing, and analytics reporting. These social channels include Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. They are fundamental in maintaining and building the company’s online reputation. Besides, represent your company online to current customers and potential customers. They interact with customers on a daily basis on your behalf.

Their goals are aligned to the organization’s business objectives, and they use key performance indicators (audience growth, audience engagement, brand reach, feedback, rate & response quality, leads/ traffic, and conversion rates) to prove social return on investment. (Time and money)

So we can assert a social media manager plays a significant role in a company and can provide long-term success, right? This role is frequently compared to the role of public relations manager but on different channels.

So What exactly does a social media manager do?

“The short answer: A lot!” says Suzanne Samin, social media editor at Romper

12 Key Responsibilities of a Social Media Manager in Kenya

  1. Set goals and plan out an extensive social media strategy. The first step for social media managers in building a social media strategy is to set goals for social media marketing, along with the key metrics that define these goals. Once the goals and metrics are set, the social media manager needs to determine clear cut actions that will be used for achieving defined goals. This includes describing social media campaigns, content, community planning, posting schedules, advertising, social media tools, and automation, analysis of trends, the performance by post type, segmentation, and timings, competitors’ strategy, and updated social media best practices.
  2. Develop brand awareness and build an online reputation. The social media manager has to be dedicated towards activities such as creating original content, responding to every message and comment, sharing stories, encouraging audience engagement, and partnering with fellow contributors thus building a community for your brand.
  3. Monitor, manage, and respond to online reviews. A social media manager listens to, replies to followers, respond to mentions, and blog comments with care. In general, show signs of life on social media accounts. These increase sales and help develop relationships through engagement on social media.
  4. Curate, create and publishing relevant, original, and high-quality content. A social media manager develops relevant content topics that speak to the company’s target audience. They need to keep brand active and content up-to-date with the latest trend in your industry, sharing, news, analysis, reports, surveys, and results that the audience will find informative. 
  5. Coordinate with any SEO strategies to help generate more inbound traffic. Furthermore, be able to promote any blog or website content through social advertising and social posts.
  6. Design, create, and manage promotions and social ad campaigns. Social media advertising includes a lot of processes such as ad copywriting, deciding ad budgets for campaigns and networks, analyzing ad performance, and determining the ROI on social advertising. Social media managers ensure that your social advertising strategy is well-defined and executed, providing maximum ROI with quality leads.
  7. Build and implement an editorial calendar to manage content. A social media content calendar defines the exact day, time, and social channel of when and where the content is to be published. Social media managers need to ensure that their social calendar is up-to-date, flexible, and real-time. They need to make tweaks and changes to the content based on their audience’s behavior on every social media channel.
  8. Participate in online advocacy efforts and look for cross-promotional opportunities. Actively look through social media feeds, and share any interesting and worthwhile content.
  9. Build and expand community and/or influencer outreach efforts. Social media influencer marketing has become imperative for brands wanting to leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing on social media. A social media manager identifies the right mix of influencers in your domain, connects with them, and work collaboratively to promote your brand.
  10. Track and analyze key metrics and then tweak the strategy as needed. Social media analytics is an essential function of a social media manager. It is essential to measure the performance of all your social media marketing efforts against your established goals. Correspondingly, measure the ROI in social media marketing. Social media managers are responsible for performing timely reviews of campaigns running on social media, which includes measuring the performance of content, targeting, resources, tools, campaigns, ads, and social channels.
  11. Monitor trends in social media tools, applications, channels, design and strategy, and implement the ones that are going to provide the most benefit. Trend analysis is the process of tracking trends on social media based on domains and industries related to the content, strategies, layouts, designs, hashtags, engagement, and platforms. Social media managers are responsible for identifying and tracking these trends using trend analysis tools. Uniquely makes optimum use of these trends in real-time while giving out a valuable message.
  12. Coordinate with others in the company to find the best new stories to tell. They should be a team player with the confidence to take the lead and guide other employees when necessary in the creation of visual design content.
“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” 

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5 Benefits of having a Social Media Manager

Now more than ever, social media is a necessary part of any business strategy. Social media managers give busy brands instant access to social expertise. Agencies have a vast amount of knowledge in social media management

  1. Generally save you time(Your most valued asset) since you can utilize your time for other business initiatives. And Whew!😪 as a business owner, you simply don’t have the time required to devote to the hefty responsibility or may be missing out. You just got saved.😅
  2. They keep you up to date and generate new ideas. Social media is ever-evolving and keeping up with the latest trend is key. Reminds you not just to be a broadcaster /sales online but social as a brand. A social media manager will know how to post with the aim to generate new customers.
  3. They execute a consistent social media plan and strategy upholding your reputation online. A social media manager will have resources not only to develop your brand but maintain it as well. Subsequently, they will quickly interact as you on your behalf.
  4. They monitor your business performance and track marketing efforts. Similarly, they familiarise and are knowledgable to track the metrics that matter thus adjusting the strategy for success. As it is a vital step to ensure your business is not wasting money and time.
  5. Allows competitive advantage. By working with a social media manager and building your online presence you gain an advantage in establishing yourself ahead.

“Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence”

– Sean Gardner 

8 Must-Have Skills For Managing Social Media +Bonus Tip.

Being almost a 24/7 job, it requires skillsets which involves managing many moving parts. (Technical, analytical, creative with a bit of project management thrown in.)

1. Tech/Internet Savvy

You need to understand the big picture. How search, content, and social media all work together. A solid understanding of SEO and content marketing theory and application. The social media manager needs to know what content works and what doesn’t on social networks. Therefore, it also means understanding which different media formats resonate with your particular niche. For instance text (articles), video, images, and podcasts.

2. Analytical Thinking and Reporting

Social media analytics enable you to review your current strategy and plan your future strategy based on the outcomes of current performance and trends. A good social media manager knows how to read and dissect metrics in order to determine what needs to be changed in a social strategy. Furthermore, be able to make recommendations based on this data about the necessary modifications required to the social media strategy.   

3. Strong customer-service skills.

Social media managers must be prepared to field a fair amount of customer questions in a helpful and understanding manner.  A social guru should be able to deal with both happy and frustrated consumers. In most cases, when replying to an unsatisfied consumer, a social media manager must provide an empathetic response and solution, making the client feel heard and valued.

4. Strong, basic writing skills/ Copywriting📝

A social media manager should be a concise writer that also embodies a touch of personality when telling your brand story. One should be able to communicate with your audience the right message. At least, their writing should be creative, engaging, and grammatically flawless. If headlines aren’t magnetic or captivating enough, it’s likely people are not going to be motivated enough to click.

5. Strategic Planning and Project Management.

A social media manager must be able to plan, a long-term social media marketing strategy. Also, identifying clear goals for your campaigns that are aligned with your overall marketing goals. With strong project management skills, social media managers will do all tasks as well as know when content needs to be published. Besides, what to plan for, and how to keep track of all the different social media conversations going on. In short, knows how to set goals, make a plan to achieve them, and manage the process to reach said goals.

“There are many things of which a wise man might wish to be ignorant”

6. Trend Savvy.

Social media managers should be aware of current trends in your industry, region, or any other demographic in your audience. They should also be able to align your content strategy with current trends on a real-time basis. Moreover, should be on top of the latest digital marketing trends. Continually educating self on the most effective methodologies so as to remain as effective as possible.

7. Creativity🤯

Social media networks are competitive and dynamic platforms where your competitors are actively building their brands using creative content, techniques, and strategies. Hence, why a social media manager needs to have creative skills that they can put to use. While creating a social media strategy, sharing content, promoting your products and services, and widening your reach on social media.

8. Graphic Design Basics

Being able to produce eye-catching photos that will get someone to stop scrolling down their feed is crucial. A social media manager who also knows how to edit and correct graphics is highly advantaged. Images need to be posted on social media consistently to get the highest amount of engagement possible. Besides creating social graphic posts, they will also need to know how to edit photos for advertisements.

Skill Bonus 9. Communication skills/Relationship Building

Social media marketing requires building connections and an online community to succeed. In fact, social media marketers reach out to influencers creating long term relationships.  Also, reach out and respond timely to prospects online.

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Wrapping Up

Look at the most successful brands on social media in Kenya: Safaricom and our Nakuru to demonstrate: Menengai Oil Refineries-they’re culturally relevant, they’re human, and they’re effortlessly unified across platforms.

How do they do it?🤨 Easy. They have a social media expert strategizing, executing, measuring, reporting, and learning—so that they can do it all again, but even better.

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Lastly, the Social Media Manager is the voice of your company and should be included in all matters which are customer-facing. Make sure to protect and promote your brand by hiring a knowledgeable and passionate social media manager. However, equipping them with the right tools that will help them understand your audience, analyze competition, strategize, create content, execute campaigns, listen for brand mentions, communicate with the community, solve problems, and modify campaigns when something isn’t working will ensure your brand stands out on social media in 2020.

How are your social media accounts doing? Which are your awesome Social Media marketing skills and tactics?  Which other skills are critical? Share with me in the comments section below.

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