Reasons Why Website Maintenance is so Important for your Business With 6 Regular Maintenance Tasks To Perform for Peak Performance?

<strong>by Francis Akhanyinya</strong>
by Francis Akhanyinya

I help ambitious business owners attract & generate qualified leads, sales & profit through online funnels. As a self-starter enthusiast currently looking to build and grow my digital marketing career and portfolio. I consider myself an innovative, passionate, and avid learner who can work under tight conditions to meet deadlines comfortably.

Hell yeah, friend! We have clocked a year plus running this website and for sure any website owner including me now knows how hectic and dedicated passion it takes for website maintenance and keeping it active.

You ask why?


  1. The time it disrupts
  2. Nobody likes an unavailable website
  3. Security, Customer Retention Purposes

and so much more

For the many businesses around me after doing my research and being in the industry for a while, I seemed to note that local websites only create a website just as an online card not minding having it updated with the latest information to attract current and new customers. I’ve realized a website is just like a car. If you don’t check or service it frequently and properly, the sooner you have scrap metal to deal with. Similarly, it can become almost worthless if you don’t take proactive measures to maintain your website on at least a monthly basis.

This article summarizes and gives you 6 required DIY website maintenance tasks, in addition to an understanding of what website maintenance is and the importance of maintaining your site regularly?

I’ve realized a website is just like a car. If you don’t check or service it frequently and properly, the sooner you have scrap metal to deal with.

So What is Website Maintenance?

Maintenance of a website requires the act of continuously checking a website for issues and errors and keeping it updated and relevant to its purpose. Once your website is designed and developed you need to ensure all aspects of it including security updates, information, products, and services are kept up to date to provide the best experience to your site visitors.  For users to come back to your website and have something new to read, you must keep the content fresh.

The 3 Major Importance of Website Maintenance

It Improves Site Security

First and foremost, the key reason why website maintenance is so critical is security. 

Many people assume that because their site is too small, it can’t happen to them-why would anyone want to hack it on earth? Never let that be you. Moreover, an outdated old website is also vulnerable to hackers since it has less stable coding and modules that are not up to date.

Keeping the software or code updated on your website helps to protect it and keep it protected and protects visitors to your website. If your business uses a Content Management System (CMS) such as Drupal or WordPress, you will want to ensure that your website keeps up with software fixes and security updates. Failure to do so allows hackers to steal data from your site.

Never try to assume the software plugin updates, they keep your site secure.

It Optimizes the Visitor Experience

I’m sure you’ve put a lot of hard work and long hours into making it a good resource for your guests if you have a website. But it can derail all of your hard work if your links don’t work. In two ways, broken links on your website can be detrimental:

Updating the website regularly with sharable content such as upcoming activities, photo galleries, and blogs provides your audience with an idea of who you are and what you do. Furthermore, site updates provide the website with fresh features and functionality. Why wouldn’t you want your site with new features? The earlier the update is introduced, the sooner you get the new feature.

Think about why you do keep your phone updated.

Also, 😒do you get irritated and navigate away when you visit a website, and it takes too long to load? Well, I do! This prompts me to move to the next site. As a business owner am sure you would not want this for your site as you would have lost me as a prospect.

Your clients will always go elsewhere if your website doesn’t deliver on the promise of professionalism. So take care of your website.

Heads up Tip!

Speed and user experience have an influence on SEO as well.

website maintenance in kenya

Minimizes Damage to the Integrity of Your Site Boosting Traffic

When you eventually update your site, the longer you wait, the more chance you have that you will encounter a problem. The more often you update, the less likely issues are to occur

Search engines, such as Google, improve rankings for websites that are continually updated to offer the highest quality content to searchers. A higher ranking increases your site’s visibility, which increases the likelihood of your content appearing when searching for your target audience for unique keywords.

Keeping the content current on your website and making sure that there are no broken links (links to sites that no longer work), keeps your customers interested and helps to ensure that they are not disappointed and never go to your competitor

Use tools such as YSlow or Google Page Speed Insights to check the speed of your site and decide what causes the slower load.

6 Regular Website Maintenance Tasks To Be Performed for Peak Performance

1. Make Regular Backups of Your Site

Somewhere other than the server where it is being hosted, a copy of your site needs to be saved. Having a backup ensures that your site won’t be destroyed in a power outage or by a hacker, particularly if you make frequent updates. Don’t rely on backups from your host.

2. Publish Fresh Content

There are many reasons to keep creating new content on an ongoing basis for your site. It not only helps expand search engine listings but also gives reasons for followers to keep coming back to your site. Reviewing old content to see if it can be updated with new information is also a good idea.

You should periodically check for broken links on your entire website. You can identify broken link s through the google analytic tool and broken link checker. Redirect those broken links to preferred site destination to prevent bad user experience and devaluing your SEO efforts

4. Test Loading Speed

Checking web pages to make sure they load quickly is one of the most important website maintenance tasks. Web surfers these days only allow pages a couple of seconds to load before they lose interest. If your site is full of pages that load slowly, it can affect your traffic. When they are not bogged down with huge file sizes or complex web applications, pages load the fastest.

5. Test Browser Compatibility

Different browsers build various versions of how users interact with your website. Check all the various browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) to make sure that they all look presentable on your website. A common approach for all browsers and platforms is usually the use of responsive web design.

6. Analyze Your Statistics

The total number of unique visitors each day, the geography and demographics of your audience, page views, how long people linger on your site, and click-throughs versus conversions are key statistics to remember.

By using statistical analysis to encourage new content that can increase the quantity and consistency of your visitors, the website maintenance task list can be enhanced. Find business holes that are not being served by your rivals by brainstorming to uncover potential niches for your squad.

Wrapping Up

In order to engage and grow your audience, websites today are never really “complete,” they must continously be updated with new content and updates. This should be achieved on a regular basis in order to keep your website safe, encourage continued traffic growth, and improve your SEO and Google rankings.

Though there are as many valid reasons why your website in Kenya should be maintained we only highlighted the major ones that might concern your business on the ground. A very significant part of your organization is your website. It can be a valuable support and asset if it is up to date and runs smoothly. It will cost you dearly if it is not in a good condition.

As much as it is hectic to maintain it, daily tracking and updating, having a well-structured and a maintained site is a must-have tool for every business owner in this digital world. Henceforth important for your business if you want to protect your site, get new customers, or even just keep your existing ones. Once you are late on your maintenance needs, getting the website back up to speed can be quite a cumbersome operation.

For all organizations, both big and small, website maintenance is important. Maintaining your site regularly will improve performance and provide your visitors with a secure and safe environment to determine your reputation and if you are deserving of their time and resources, today’s educated customers will easily locate your website and online presence. Don’t lose conversions with a stale, broken, or vulnerable website.

It is proven that websites that remain fresh and are regularly updated increase traffic, increase sales and leads, and improve brand authority.

You may ask, do I really need web maintenance?

The answer is a big YES. Do any of these scenarios related to you:

  • Your website footer says “Copyright 2017”.
  • Three out of five people on your staff page don’t work for you anymore.
  • Your “latest news” is about the company picnic 3 years ago.
  • Your about page is a few years behind about the age of your business.
  • Your contact email goes to someone who left several years ago.
  • Your site talks about products that no longer exist.
  • Your site has animated graphics on it. Anywhere…
  • You still use a “splash page”
  • Your company’s phone number is nowhere on your website.
  • No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to make your site come up in a Google search!

Are you focused on keeping your website fast and secure?

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