6 Most Common Mistakes With Solutions Local Business Owners Make In Their Social Media Marketing Efforts.

We have heard from local businesses that have invested a significant amount of time and money into their social media efforts but are dissatisfied with the performance. 

Even some of you blubber, “Social media marketing doesn’t work.” 

The standard answer for you is, “It doesn’t work for you because you aren’t doing it correctly.” 

For sure, we have noticed the majority of businesses in Kenya do not effectively integrate social media into their marketing activities. In reality, they are following in the footsteps of others copying, and the lack of positive outcomes quickly discourages them.

Without a doubt, social media remains one of the most effective digital marketing tools available, despite its own set of marketing challenges.

As marketers and social media users, we are constantly amazed by the custom content and promotions that appear in our social media feeds. 

As much as social media marketing mistakes could prove that you are trying, through this post, we’d like to assist you in getting the most out of your social media marketing efforts by sharing some popular rookie social media marketing screw-ups you can avoid in your brand. If you avoid the common mistakes we have mentioned here, you will set your social media marketing efforts in the right direction.

The most popular social media marketing mistakes by local brands in Kenya?

1. Lacking a social media marketing strategy

We are all aware of:

“The key to the success of any marketing effort is a good customized strategy. “

To start, any great advertiser must have a firm grasp of the goals of their campaigns. Are you attempting to raise awareness of your company or product? Are you attempting to increase the number of visitors to your website? Are you trying to boost your sales? 

While creating a social media marketing campaign can seem to be a no-brainer, many businesses struggle to do so. The biggest mistake you can ever do with social media marketing is starting without a strategic plan and goals. 

Without a well-thought-out strategy, social media marketing can be a huge waste of time.

Understanding your options in terms of social media and your business goals should be your first move. That should be the driving force behind everything you do. And having a social media marketing campaign entails much more than just posting a certain amount of times per day. 

An action plan and hands-established hands-on milestones are essential components of a successful social media marketing campaign. It also defines the types of posts – photos, videos, blog URLs, reshares, retweets, hashtags, events, and the tone of voice of your social media brand.

You can have the upper hand if you can put together a successful social media plan ahead of the competition.

Don’t jump into it without a strategy.

2. Assuming Everyone Online is your Audience.

Despite social media having huge numbers of daily users, knowing who you’re talking to or about is crucial to creating a successful strategy. 

Before you begin social media marketing, it is a must to do your homework and learn everything you can about your potential customers. This tip is number one because it has the potential to derail your company before it even gets underway. You may be working extremely hard, but if you are shooting in the dark, your performance is guaranteed to suffer.

Coming to think of it,

Have you noticed how some people build brand accounts and begin posting random content in the hopes that their target audience will discover them? We can affirm this works in some circumstances, but not in the vast majority of situations. You must work hard to meet the people who can most profit from your product or service.

Using your Google Analytics, email, and social media statistics, we recommend building multiple customer persona profile sheets. After you’ve gathered all of this information, you’ll have a better understanding of your target audience’s preferences and interests. You can use this data to create profiles that summarize the types of customers that will benefit from your product.

You’ll have an easier time producing both written content and visual promotions for your customers if you have detailed customer persona sheets. 

No matter how hard you work on social media, if you don’t know who your target audience is, the results will always be disappointing.

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3. Lacking Brand Personality and Human Touch (Making it all about yourself)

It’s amazing how many companies forget social media is social. -GUILTY!

Brands may and need to use their social media accounts to reveal their human side and interact with like-minded people.

“Social Media was made for socializing”

For sure, social networking platforms will help you find and interact with old and new customers, however, it’s your brand personality that ties everything together. It’s an easy way to create confidence by showing your audience that your brand is a social creature just like them. 

Humans greet and bond with one another, and your brand page should do the same.

How would you like hanging out with a person who only whines about himself in what is supposed to be a constructive dialogue? That bores quickly, right? 

Well, that’s the very mistake many companies are making on social media. It’s all about them—their news, their events, their products, their projects, etc.  Here is the truth: nobody cares.

My company is my brand.” You’re not going to get very far on social media if you take that approach we have hands-on experience on this matter.

Moreso, being overly “corporate.” is a no.

As your prospect customer on the other side of the screen, we like people’s faces, and we notice it right away when we’re bombarded with yet another set of carefully designed marketing messages.

Always remember, people expect to communicate with one another on social media. On social media, a faceless company has no room. When you’re updating your social media profile, don’t forget to add a personal touch. If anyone leaves a comment on your profile, don’t respond with your standard corporate response. Reply with a message that is addressed directly to the individual in question, rather than anything prepared by the PR department.

Isn’t it true that people want to communicate with others? Humans who look and behave like them? Right!

4. Overlooking and not understanding analytics

One major advantage of social media marketing is the access to data of your digital efforts.

Usually, SMBs forget about the analytic features of social media platforms and some other software tools. And, these analytics are vital for your social media marketing success as specific metrics deserve your attention.

For instance, you should monitor user engagement on your posts. A sudden drop and increase in engagement can help you better shape your social media strategy.

Without actionable insights, there is no point in using social media marketing for business!

Tracking brand mentions; social shares of your company’s content; referred traffic from social media sites to your company website; and the number of engaged community members as measured by comments, direct messages, and other measurable actions are all popular and useful metrics.

The number of likes and followers is meaningless if they don’t lead to conversions, and yet people are obsessed with these figures. Anyhow, analytics will help you see if your social media marketing efforts have an impact on your business and to what extent.

Here are some methods for social media startups to measure their success:

  • Track followers, engagement, and engagement.
  • Keep track of likes
  • Keep track of those who leave comments.
  • Include a tracking pixel on the website to track traffic sources derived from social media posts.
  • Calculate conversion rates for social media advertising.

5. Not making a long-term commitment to social media

Too many businesses get all excited about their brand new Facebook page, only to forget to update it two months later.

Have you ever visited a page and discovered that it hasn’t been updated in two months? What impact does it have on you? For us, It tells us that the administrator of this page isn’t serious about their business, or is maybe out of business!

Adopt social media as a part of your day-to-day operation. Make a commitment to working on it for 10-20 minutes a day. Don’t strive to get everything done at once, rather do it in small bits. There is a phrase that goes: “What’s the best way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

Planning up a content strategy and calendar for the next month or two, as well as employing third-party software to schedule posts at the ideal times for audiences to consume it, is a wonderful place to start.

If it gets overwhelming, why not hire a team to handle all of the extra responsibilities and provide you with true peace of mind?

That is precisely what a dedicated social media marketing team accomplishes. They collaborate closely with your company and adapt your goals as their own. They guarantee on-time completion of tasks and, if necessary, offer assistance and maintenance after projects are completed.

6. Not adding enough Value

People want to be entertained or ‘edutained,

Trying to sell throughout is one of the most common mistakes we make as business owners. Believe us, we understand the need to close a sale, meet a target, and make a profit; after all, the ultimate goal in business is to make money.

But, let’s be honest, if you look around, you’ll notice that there are a lot of other people doing what you do.

This leaves you with no choice but to bring something else to the table aside from your desire to close a sale.

You have no choice but to be interesting, relatable, educational, and concerned about your customers’ needs in this day and age. This is the only way you’ll be able to connect with your client.

“The word of the day is VALUE! As a result, if you can provide value to your customers, they will remain loyal to you, and you will eventually drive significantly more sales.”

social media marketing mistakes

Wrapping Up

Today more than ever, social media platforms provide numerous opportunities for SMBs to establish a better online presence reaching out to your target group and persuading them to take your desired action is difficult.

Regardless of how crowded the market gets, every business leader or marketer wishes to get their brand in front of as many people as possible.

Henceforth, to succeed in social media, first develop your own social media plan for your business; it’s the foundation for everything else. Provide customers with a variety of material by utilizing text, images, and video, with video becoming more popular in terms of increasing interaction.

You not only have to speak the language of the audience, but you have to tell them what they want to hear. The content that you post should be of high quality, of significant interest, and be in line with the norms of the social network and your followers.  

Make it about them. Make it for them.

Spend time and money engaging with your followers. Answer questions, post polls, or “conversation starter” posts on occasion, and inject humor whenever possible. You will succeed on social media if you appear genuine and approachable.

Strive to create that same connection with your clients on social media in the same way you smile and connect with them when they walk into your office or shop. Be keen on building a community that is relevant to you and your product.

Small errors can detract from the success of your plan and, in some cases, cause long-term damage. Precisely, not being able to evaluate a social media campaign results in wasted investment and an inability to improve campaign effectiveness.

Lastly, it is never too late to change the direction of your social strategy, and by avoiding these blunders, you will benefit from better results in the future.

Mark you! Everyone is now using social media to promote their business but it doesn’t have to be difficult or costly to market your business, services, or products on social media. Indeed, a little imagination will spark people’s curiosity, leading to increased brand awareness and sales.

Fortunately, by understanding these common social media mistakes to avoid, you can post thoughtfully while maintaining a social presence that accurately reflects your company’s mission, voice, and audience.

Don’t be that brand on social media. You know the one. 

Now, over to you: What are your most common social media marketing blunders? Please leave a comment, question, or compliment in the comment field below.

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