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“These days, people want to learn before they buy, be educated instead of pitched.”


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You Will Get:

  1. A good project manager
  2. A graphic designer who can design for the web, along with traditional mediums
  3. A website developer
  4. A digital marketer who can handle content planning, copywriting and understands how to set up marketing automation
  5. A social media manager (we call this a community manager)
  6. A digital ad specialist who also understands SEO and a good bit of analytics
  7. A marketing consultant, manager or director
  8. An animation explainer video specialist

As you’ll likely know, running a business can be extremely time-consuming. At some point, you’ll come to realize that doing everything for yourself is simply not viable. Employing a second pair of hands is one solution, but sometimes it’s not necessary. If you need a helping hand from time to time, you should look to outsource to a digital marketing consultant.

Whether you are a service-providing business or a product company, we take a look at what your sales & indoctrination process looks like and we start there. We get under the skin of your business, hone in on your niche audience, and then create killer ads that get the right message out to the right people about your business.


You are Perfect to partner with us If:

1. You already know you need help with your marketing. And you know that the internet is a great place to get attention and leads.
2. You are looking to move your offline business online
3. You are ready to take your business to the next level using paid social advertising
4. You are interested in knowing how to make your online business a high-quality funnel to attract and retain customers
5. You are looking to increase your customer lifetime value with the aim of increasing profit
6. You are in need of a partner to help you maximize your online presence

How We Do It

The curriculum as outlined can take varying lengths of time but will usually take 90 days to start seeing consistent results. You are not bound to use all services described, but we shall use our expertise what is in your best interest


1st stage is all about discovering your business and your goals
Through meetings, a business audit & questionnaires we will need to
internalize, understand and interpret what you want to achieve
with our help and current online position.


We will analyze, plan & set new solutions to generate positive
monetary ROI & social/online proof custom to your business.
Create a content calendar, identify post types, budget setting,
competition analysis & audience identification.


We bring your goals to life through exceptional work on
social & web pages creation,branding, growth & optimization.
Create visual engaging page content, online reputation management,
share to groups, launch & track ad campaigns progress,
capture daily staff/client & product images.


Not only is your success top of our priorities but also,
as to our result-driven nature, we shall present
monthly progress & analytics reports obtained in your marketing
campaigns with the help of Google analytics & Page Insights data.
analyzing what has worked and prepared to tweak what has not worked

Step 1: Discovery
Step 2: Strategy Planning
Step 3: Execution
Step 4: Analytics Reporting
Step 5: Scaling & Success
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