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Nakuru’s Top Result Driven General Online Presence Management Services To Your Business.

The solution that we provide you is aimed to help you save on time, the stress that comes along managing multiple online platforms thus better performance while making you a positive return on investment. See also our pricing rates.

Tuchape Biz na Afrikk Media Digital

Boost your online visibility

We provide full control of your online credibility and provide a broad range of services, such as social monitoring, online PR, filtering and removal of negative content, communication, as well as the promotion of social media content. In the online world, our wide network of media contacts helps us to know the time and place for everything you make as a business.

Powerful reporting

We provide a Reputation Management report that gathers the reviews on the Internet about your company, product, or service, we also segment the report into the positive and negative press.


Step 1

 Perform a prior SWOT analysis & audit. The SWOT analysis provides the information needed to start by understanding your specific context.

Step 2

Define SMART goals. We have to set clear goals that align with the business to determine what actions we’ll carry out. We’ll also make a comparison and evaluate the metrics and sales, as well as craft the digital conversion funnel to follow.

Step 3

Identify the target audience. We develop a detailed description of our target that details who they are, their tastes, needs, problems, concerns, etc. That will be our Buyer Persona.

Step 4

An SEO and SEM expert will run technical analysis of the domain authority we have online as well as our content’s relevance and the elements to improve and strengthen in the digital realm.

Step 5

Form the team of human resources and tools. This step involves figuring out who you need to carry out the strategy, as well as decide on the devices, platforms, and other tech needs.

Step 6

Implement the plan and support the client team in the process. We will also train and support you throughout implementation to guarantee the desired results.  

Request A Online Presence Analysis Report With Improvement Strategies

Tuchape Biz Package Pricing

KES 34,999
  • 24/7 Online Reputation Support
  • Prepare 2+ Monthly Emails to send out to customers
  • 1 Article monthly in Business Website Blog
  • Capture Daily High Definition Staff Photo’s & Product Images (Photoshoot)
  • List & Optimize Your Business on Google Maps & other Directory Citations for Searches.
  • Business Website Maintenance & Local Search Engine Optimization for High Google Rankings
  • 12+ Graphic Design & Artwork Creation for Business Website & Social Pages (Digital Internet Branding)
  • Monitor & Post for Facebook & Instagram using Unique High Definition images with own Custom Captions
  • Launch and Manage Instant Results Facebook and Instagram Paid Ads Campaign (marketing 1.5 weeks)
  • Deliver Monthly Reports with Statistics & Results for each Account
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