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Facebook Marketing Services In Kenya

Most Result Driven #1 Best Facebook Ads Management Services For Your Business

Reach Your Ideal Audience Using the World’s Largest Psycho graphic & Demographic Database We help you create your campaign objectives and set up everything from bidding strategy, to ad creative and copy writing. Then we take the time and draw on our knowledge to optimize your ads to drive results and give you a report on which ads performed the best.

Working with us is an excellent option if you’re looking to:

> Grow brand awareness via Facebook
> Save time on marketing your business on Facebook
> Find clarity on advertising on Facebook, scaling campaigns, and measuring results
> Get expert advice from a Facebook advertising specialist
> Compete with competitors
> Optimize ad clicks, spend, and conversions
> Create successful Facebook advertising campaigns
> Resolve plateaus in Facebook ad performance

Our results-orientated Facebook ADS management services are designed to maximize the return on investment for your business.

Initial Planning & Set-Up

we take care of strategic planning, demographic analysis, the creation of your Facebook advertiser account, and tracking pixel installation.

Campaign Development 

our Facebook ad agency services include writing ad copy and designing graphics to maximize click-throughs and conversions.


we handle all the technical elements needed to optimize your ads and minimize click costs through A/B testing.


we’ll review any existing Facebook ad campaigns and suggest improvements based on the latest best-practice and research findings.

On-Going Evaluation

as part of our ongoing management, we’ll analyze campaign performance and recommend changes to improve it (such as tweaking ad copy or targeting additional audiences).

Ongoing Campaign Monitoring and Creation

> Facebook Advertising account setup and optimization
> Facebook Pixel installation
> Up to 4 unique ads
> Up to 2 advertising campaigns
> Up to 4 targeting and copy tweaks
> Up to 1 personal consultation
> Daily monitoring of your ads
> Stopping underperforming ads
> Weekly reporting
> Recommendations of next steps And more!

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Want to know more about Facebook Marketing services? It all starts with a phone call or a click. Our Facebook ad management services can be customized based on the unique needs and budget of your business. We don’t adopt a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to Facebook marketing and find that creating tailored solutions produces much better results. Whether you are a small business with limited resources or a large enterprise looking to scale, our Facebook advertising services can help you reach your goals. We are specialists who have the expertise and technical knowledge to make your campaigns a success. Contact our team now or fill out our form, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible. Set up a flexible, affordable, long-term advertising campaign.

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